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Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by rjhtamu, Mar 1, 2002.

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    I'm applying this summer, and for awhile UT Southwestern has been my first choice in Texas. However, I've been hearing a lot of negative reviews from people who have recently interviewed that are giving me pause. For example, some people say there is a general attitude amongst the students and the faculty of being better than everyone else. One person in particular said that all of the other med schools in Texas were really welcoming and did everything to make the applicant feel like the school wanted them, however, as Southwestern they were made to feel as if they would be lucky to make it in there. Also, another person was actually offended by some of the materials that was presented to him during his interview weekend, in particular a video that the 4th years were said to have made. He wrote a letter detailing why he was offended, and they withdrew his application as a result. I know of many more circumstances where haughty attitudes just prevailed. All of these are making me seriously question if I want to go to this school anymore, and I guess I'm asking whether or not these experiences are across the board for the school. Are there any UTSW students here who have anything to say to this?

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