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Jan 13, 2002
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Hey y'all, I got a GWU interview. I was wondering if anybody would like to share any experiences at GWU with interviews and does anybody knows what percent of the interviewees are accepted at GWU? Thanx.

Also, what are some good questions to ask the interviewers?

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Mar 12, 2002
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i got waitlisted last year and didn't get in. according to us news, they accept 30% of the people they interview. i found this site after my interview and didn't realize at the time that GW really looks for applicants who have concrete reasons for attending their school. maybe this year i'll be more wise in my answer. heh.


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Jul 12, 2001
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They end up admitting about 16% of their intervieweess (they interview almost 1,000 applicants). It is higher for D.C. intervieweess (about 43%), but there are so few of those that it doesn't effect the total percentage. This is all from the 2002-2003 MSAR, so the numbers may be a little out of date.

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Jan 28, 2002
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you'll have 2 interviews, 30 minutes each. as soon as u get there darrell will give a speech while ur eating lunch (yes it's awkward)....the interview rooms were really hot by the way (they're little study rooms in the library.)

The interviews are closed file, so be prepared to talk about yourself and to lead the conversation. My interviews were really laid back. One was an OBGYN and the other was a 2nd yr student. They have equal weight in your total evaluation, so respect the student, but don't be afraid to ask questions about student life, etc. After lunch you guys will wait around in the room and talk to students who stop by, but your interviewers will also randomly stop by and call out your name. Both of my assigned interviewers did not show up, so don't be alarmed if someone other than the name on the sheet calls for you. (You'll get a folder w/ this info when u get there).

Make sure to look up threads from last yr on this subject, cuz there are many.

Also, I have all the interview feedback stuff saved from GW, so you can send me a PM and I'll email it to you in a nicer format.
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