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Apr 17, 2007
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I've been where you are. Here's my story. I started wanting to be a dentist in late 2005. I took a year off from work, moved my family to another state to take the prerequisites. I got mostly As and A-s in the prereques (3.9 GPA science), 3.93 GPA overall and a 3.8 in my Graduate Degree. I studied and got a 20 on my DAT. I thought with those numbers, I'd be a very competitive candidate at a lot of schools. So Dec 1st 2007 comes along and nothing. I got in the "Top Group" ad ASDOH, so I thought I would get in eventually. Months drug on, and nothing, finally April came and I finally got the final rejections from the schools I had been interviewing at. It made me question everthing, I mean on paper I was supposed to get in, why didn't anyone like me? Well, this year I sent in the exact same numbers, same personal statement, and I got more interviews and 2 acceptances on Dec 1st. By the way I went from top group at ASDOH to not even getting an interview this year. So what's my takeaway? The ADCOMs are swamped with applications, I think it's humanly impossible to pick the best applicatants out of the a group of 2000 if there is such thing as a best applicant. So I had to take a year off and continue working. Most of you are in your 20s and might have to sit out a year. It's not that bad, you'll still be a dentist by your late 20's. I'm looking at being a dentitst by my late 30s. Don't take the silence as any indication of your own abilities or success, you might have just been the unlucky many that get passed over for whatever reason. I met a lot of people applying for the second year, it's the nature of having 14,000 applicants for 5000 positions.
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