Nov 22, 2010
Hi, all fellow SDNers. I noticed how everyone who recently took the DAT keeps mentioning how the content of the Bio section was not too difficult, but it was the "format of the questions" that were unfamiliar.


Can someone please elaborate which a mock example maybe?

Thanks, and have a happy turkey day!
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Jun 17, 2009
dude do a search, and you can read about this for hours on sdn.

Most q's are straightforward, but some have difficult wording, are lengthy, and will test your knowledge of conceptual or sometimes specific points. The wording won't trick you, but may present you with a scenario, and you will have to use your previous knowledge to asses the situation and respond with the best possible answer.

I've never seen this question, but I seen plenty of people talking about a question on FRAP on sdn, which is supposed to be extremely random and difficult to answer (even if you have studied the method).

These random q's will be only like 5 q's, so I wouldn't stress it, just know your stuff in and out!

I'd study princeton reviews hyperlearning for bio , and barron's ap bio. Princeton book is verryyyyy conceptual, and you will UNDERSTAND the material afterwards. Those "harder qs" are ones which will test your understanding, rather than recall of the material.

Now I should be writing a lab report, and you should be studying lol
Good Luck studying


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May 2, 2010
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I agree with what DoCt0rPeTe said above.
I reviewed Princeton Review's Bio book the day before the test, and it does a great job putting everything into context and explaining some of the more difficult concepts.
Good luck! :luck:


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Apr 17, 2008
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the bio can be straight forward or very specific detailed of randomized topics ur best bet would be to read cliffs ap bio and then do all the destroyer bio problems and read the solutions so you know whats goin on you can do other questions too like kaplan but i dont know how helpful they will be you should be fine with cliffs and destroyer just make sure you study the bio before you start doing the problems best of luck :thumbup: