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Nov 20, 2002
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I didn't match last year, so I know how crushing it can be to find out that you didn't match. I just wanted to try to offer some words of encouragement for anyone out there who received bad news today.
Last year I found some solace in reading Panda Bear MD's story about not matching but then finding success the next year. It gave me a spark of hope that even though things didn't go my way at the time that in the long run everything would be okay.
And as it turns out, today I received the news that I matched into the specialty I had wanted all along, even though I too "did it the hard way". Suddenly all that disappointment I felt last year no longer means anything now that I've reached my goal at last. I think the experiences I had along the way have made me a better doc (at the very least, not matching was a lesson in humility and empathy!)

Even if things didn't work out as you would like this year, don't give up. If you've found the strength to make it through med school, you can find the strength to recover from a temporary detour on the path to your goal. All the best. :luck:


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Sep 27, 2007
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Congratulations, Peppy! I was wondering how things were going this year! I'm so glad you matched! And others who aren't able to match this year can follow your experience and learn from it for next year.


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May 18, 2008
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Congrats Peppy! It's great to hear you made it! Strong work, and all the best in your training and career!:luck::)