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For those who have already taken the MCAT


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Jul 15, 2003
    Money is not really a problem, but I feel bad having my dad pay $1400 for an MCAT class that I heard wasn't really that necessary. I heard that the only real advantage to the Kaplan course was access to a lot of practice tests, and that the classes themselves weren't really necessary. Is there a way to get ahold of a lot of practice tests with feedback but NOT take a course. I saw Kaplan had an option called "MCAT QBank" where it gives a lot of practice questions. Any insight would be appreciated...


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    Oct 28, 2003
      My tip. Save the 1400.00. Spend about 250.00 instead.

      Buy the Examkrackers Audio Osmosis CD's. (Set of 12) for about 200.00 new or 100.00 used (look on ebay or amazon.com). Then buy the set of 4 MCAT practice tests from AAMC ($80.00)
      These two items cover everything needed on the BS, and PS section of the test as well as practice strategies for the VR.
      However, the only practice for the essay is the sample tests.
      So work on the essay separately if needed.

      Start this procedure at least 3 months (preferably 3-6 mos.) before the MCAT.

      Step 1. Listen to CD's all the way through while driving.

      Step 2. Put CD's in your home CD player. In your hands should be a CD remote which you can use to pause the player, a full size 3 section notebook and a pen/pencil.

      Step 3. Play CD's in order. Each track is a certain topic. Use the CD case to know the name of each topic (ex. The Ideal Gas Law)
      Write the heading in your notebook for each track. With the CD remote in one hand and your pen in the other, play the track and begin taking pertinent notes. Pause and rewind as needed.

      Step 4. When done w/ all 12 CD's and your notebook looks nice and full, go back and listen to the CD's again at home, this time reading along in your notebook (It's like having a custom review book written just for you). Note, this is the 3rd full time you have listened to the set.

      Step 5. Return the CD's to your vehicle to listen along again as you drive.

      Step 6. Use your notebook for independent study, highlighting, etc. as you need.

      Step 7. Take full length MCAT practice tests from AAMC.

      Good luck. Remember the EK CD set covers EVERYTHING you will need for the MCAT.

      I made a 32-O for those interested.
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      Jan 12, 2004
        Call Kaplan and find out. I know some people got access to the tests by paying 300 bucks after they had already taken the class (since they were retaking the test). I took Kaplan and I would say that the test bank is an invaluable tool. I think it was the biggest reason I was able to do well. I know nothing about the osmosis cd's, but practice tests are KEY. Get as many as you can.


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        Nov 25, 2002
        1. Attending Physician
          do you have to take kaplan?

          kaplan tends to be the most expensive program that offers mcat classes so many you can look into cheaper options. if paying for it yourself is out of the question...then i guess the EK materials is decent.

          i personally liked having lectures because im not the type to go back to all my class notes and organize them for the mcat. it was much nicer to attend the lectures and take notes and have a nice folder of pertinent stuff.

          i valued the lectures more than i did the tests since i was never able to attend any of them except the last one. like i said on another thread...after the entire class was over....i just studied for my notes for a couple days and took the mcat and did relatively well for the time i put into it.
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