For those who have taken a TPR Live prep course and the real (new) MCAT...

Jun 22, 2015
Hi everyone!

For those of you who have completed the Princeton Review In-Person class, and have used their online passage practice questions as well as the Science Workbook passages, how did the overall level of difficulty of these problems compared to the real MCAT, especially, in regards to Chemistry and Physics? Also, was TPR's CARS passages good preparation for the real MCAT?

Also, do you have any other resources for practice problems that you would recommend?

Thank you so much for your time :) Good luck to those studying :D
Dec 15, 2015
I had the online course from a buddy and used the science workbook for practice. I found the General Chemistry and especially Physics problems do be a good preparation for the C/P but they were typically a lot harder. I thought the O-chem was too easy and the Bio good practice for learning content. Just realize the new MCAT has a very Biochemistry/Research Design/Data interpretation feel and that TPR questions won't help prepare for that. I thought TPR CARS is good preparation for CARS but nothing is as good as the AAMC material.

For my retake I did lots of TPR online passages, SW passages, and the amplifire stuff for the weak areas for me and when they came up on the real test I was more than prepared.

I would recommend NS and EK for actual FL exams though for later in your study.