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For those who've taken Kaplan

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by BigRedStress, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. BigRedStress

    BigRedStress AMEX Black

    Dec 3, 2001
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    From now until the exam, I have a little less than three months. I was wondering what the optimal was it to organize when to take which practice full length exams. Kaplan has already scheduled their test 1 for me on 2/16 and the remaining exams 2-5 the four weeks prior to the exam. I have kaplan tests 6 and 7 and AAMC tests 1 through 5 to schedule, what order should I do these seven exams?

    ok, also, I am very strong in biology (since im a bio major) and am almost done with re-learning all the orgo (though I have yet to do the topical exams). For the physics section, I took physics 101 last semester and got and A and am taking 102 right now, so I've really been preparing for physics for a while and it is (I think) fresh in my head. I have to revisit gen chem, but that shouldnt be too bad. So, my question is, to those who have been in this position as I, how should I work through the material, in that should I take a practice full lenght and see exactly where I am? or keep studying off the books. I'm asking this becxause... my verbal is a problem, I've been working harcore on verbal for a month now and although I have improved from my inital score... I am still getting around 20 questions wrong which I think is around an 8 (is that about right?) so that leads to another problem/question, .... what do I do about this verbal??? I have done Kaplan tests 1 through 8 and have I think 4 more of their practice exams to take but I'm finding it hard to get to the center to take them and be focused enough to take them. I'm really driving myself int oa big mess trying to think all this **** out, please someone help!
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  3. dukeblue01

    dukeblue01 Senior Member

    Dec 12, 2001
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    What is your specific problem with verbal? Are you finishing the entire section? If you are, and you are missing 20, you should take more time with the passages and try ordering them by skipping the hard ones and doing the easy ones first. If you are not finishing, and thus missing questions because you do not get to them, practice speedier reading techniques, getting to a point where you read quickly but still get the main idea of the pargraphs and passages. Continue to practice and devise your own strategy. You have plenty of time to figure one out. Good Luck!! I know verbal was the hardest for me, but do not fear, in 3 months I went from 6 (diag) to 11 (on the final diag and on the real thing).

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