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Jan 19, 2008
I would like to know if you know of anyone who has been forced to quit or dropped out of med school. What were the reasons for this and how do they handle it?

I am particularly curious of students forced to make this decision because of illness (cancer, crohns, ..etc.. diseases that limits functioning). What does one do? :(



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Nov 7, 2008
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Of the people I knew that dropped out, most of them did it because they didn't like it, thought med school was going to be easier than it was, lack of interest and only got in because of family pressure or were tired of the university cheating them out of passing subjects they were supposed to pass because of red-tape issues they were too lazy to admit they had fault in. I knew some south american guys that did 1 semester and then went back to their country to go to a local med school that was cheaper. I knew a couple people that changed universities but still stayed in med school.

I did know 1 guy that dropped out due to health reasons. He had a history of abdominal surgery in the past, changed to Law school for 1 semester and went back to med school and he's still there, just 1 semester below me.

I've found it to be rare for someone to fully pull out of med school for good for health reasons. My university grants you up to 3 semesters away to leave med school for no reason at all and still be able to come back. By then unless you have a really life threatening disease or had a really bad car crash, chances are you'll be able to come back before then. I have known of some people that got sick all of a sudden as interns; luckily as an intern you get major health insurance.
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