Medical Foreign graduate, first year to foreign med school - How do I apply to US med school?

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Jun 11, 2010
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I’m an undergraduate with 3.0 GPA and 2.7 sGPA, do I have a chance to enter med school?

In the US? Not with those stats, and certainly not without an MCAT score.

I’m a undergraduate with 3.0 GPA, a first year medical student with failing grades on the first semester only, what should I do?
I am a first year medical student in my country and failed 4 subjects on my first semester in medical school due to personal problems that I had to face while studying such as financial problems (I am working full time to aid my needs), mental health issue (i cannot focused and got panic attacks while studying bc i cannot focus, recently diagnosed with adhd) and family problems. My family are planning to migrate to US because our immigrant visa got approved after 20+ years of waiting. I am having a dilemma because I don’t know which path should I take. Should I apply to med school in US after 2 years(min) of preparing my applications (such as doing clinical experience, post grad, MCAT etc) or should I just finish my medicine here and ace the USMLE?

Give your mental health issues, I can't recommend pursuing Medicine in the US until you have these resolved.

My reasons why US are
- because I’m need to do my residency and practice there anyways to preserve my greencard
- it’s a new start
- it’ll be a good portfolio for me bc I studied med school in US

Why not US
- because I need to wait for 2 years minimum before I can actually enter med school
- there’s no assurance that I’ll get into any

Why continue my med school here in my country
- because I’m already IN and just do my best to graduate early
- I just need to ace USMLE

why not here
- because I need to settle in US

- I need to know the culture of medicine in the US

of the above, I'm not seeing any rational as to why a US med school would want to accept you.

I am aware of doing the prereqs and post bacc in US but do i need to pass my first year first semester transcripts to the school I’ll apply to for post bacc and med school?

You should check with AMCAS and AACOMAS, as well as some med school Admissions websites.

any advice will do. I’m having depression due to this issue because both have pros and cons and I have been dealing with this problem for 5 months now. Any advice will actually help me discern which choice is the better one, which path is the best one. Thank you.

Very sorry to hear of this and empathize at how vulnerable you're feeling. But your mental health has to take precedence. Med school itself is a furnace and I've seen it break even healthy students.


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Oct 14, 2011
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If you're going to try to get into a US medical school, first they don't accept any transfers from international medical schools. The systems are totally different in terms of rigor. You will need to start with undergraduate/college courses in the US (fortunately clean slate when it comes to any GPA record) and undertake a course of study that would lead to a bachelor's degree while also completing medical school prerequisites and desired upper-level coursework.

You also definitely need to take care of your mental health issues. If you break down in your undergrad courses, you surely won't be in a position to handle medical school.
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