Foreign Medical Graduate, multiple USMLE attempts, looking for Residency...

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Mar 21, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I am a foreign medical graduate, did my residency in ENT in my home country, practiced there as a physician for 4years and then moved to the USA in 2014. Passed my USMLE step1 on 2nd attempt with a low score, Passed Step2CK 3rd attempt with a low score and passed step 2CS first attempt, haven't given step 3 yet. Did hands-on observership with a Doctor in the USA for almost 8 months in 2017. I am trying to get into research assistant positions or any other positions that will keep me updated with the current medical Practices so it will strengthen my application. I have not found any luck so far. I am looking to apply for an FM residency in 2020 September. Is there anything else that is worth giving a try- as in working as a tutor/ volunteering? I will be glad to take any advice that you all give me.

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If you browse the forum, there are many similar posts about FMG matching which may offer you some insights. To be honest, your chance of getting matched is nearly none given low scores with attempts and long YOG. Best bet will be a very strong connection to a program by volunteering or research; no guarantee but potentially possible.