Foreign Training in Neurosurgery for US Medical Grad - Job Prospects

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Apr 5, 2014
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Hi friends:

I have been trying to find some information regarding neurosurgery training and licensing for a US Medical Grad. I am completing an MD/PhD at a US institution, and I am contemplating pursuing Neurosurgery residency training in Canada.

I am aware that to be licensed in the US, you have to complete training at an ACGME approved institution. Upon further investigation, there are no such institutions in Canada specifically for Neurosurgery. My question, is whether or not you have to be ACGME licensed to practice Neurosurgery in the US? I will be completing USMLE Steps 1, 2, 3, and I have no visa issues between the two countries. My step score is not an issue for matching in the US.

After searching for the jobs posted on, not many of them seem to explicitly say whether ACGME licensing is required. While many actually post that they are willing to sponsor H1 or J1 visas. Again, this is not a concern in my case, but I'm using the information to infer that such physicians would also most likely to not be ACGME certified.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. If you do have any input, could you please solid facts that are verifiable. I will be heavily weighing your input. Thanks.

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