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forgot to mention UCLA on app


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Jan 21, 2006
  1. Pre-Dental
    hey guys, so I realized that under dentistry experience I mentioned that i volunteered 104 hours working with students in a clinic, but forgot to say it was in the UCLASOD! I have an LOR from the lady that ran the program at UCLA. I know if they read the LOR at the same time they look at my app theyll figure out where I did the 104 hours. So I am going to send my LOR's from UCLA ASAP. My only worry is that they spend about .000002 seconds on each app so when they take out my app to look at one last time, they wont read my lor's and so I'm screwed out of 104 hours. I know that almost everyone reading this post will think im being paranoid, but I need everything to go right. Has anyone else been in this situation, if so, should I bother calling or emailing the schools?

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