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Aug 20, 2002
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11 V, 9 P, 8 B, O

I guess I ran out of steam toward the end, plus had to go to the
b-room really bad.

Strange, since BIO is usu. my strong section. But this form had some strange BIO questions that I felt were a bit stretched (i.e. like they had a hard time coming up w/ more questions). I still remember one science question asking, "What's the main idea of this passage?"

Also, I think I lost track of timing strategy on BIO and spent too much time on a few questions. Well, no looking back anymore!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!!

How did you do, MedQuest?
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May 24, 2002
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  1. Attending Physician
Hi there,
I actually had form CN, but I think they are the same. I got 10v, 8ps, 8bs Q writing. In april I got 7v 6ps 9bs R writing. I only studied for a month before the august exam so I am extremely happy with what I got!
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