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Nov 5, 2002
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hi boys and girls,

1. I am lucky enough to have most of my electives in in the beginning of the year (five, with the possible sixth if I work it just right). I am concerned that if I do many audition gen surg rotations my transcript won't look "well- rounded"

2. I attend PCOM, but am not interested in training there, additionally the chairman of surgery is not particularly renowned. Do I still have to do a rotation and get a letter from him or should I focus on getting letters from other surgeons that are renowned or at programs that I am interested in attending?
(I am applying to both MD and DO residencies)

3. Has anyone out there applied to general surgery programs from PCOM? Where did you apply? and where have people gotten into?

hopefully one of you will be able to answer these questions. I thank you in advance.

The O :D