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Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by jaydada, May 2, 2004.

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    If anyone out there can answer the following questions for me I'd appreciate it greatly.

    1) As a BC FP with 1 year fellowship in EM (ie. the ones offered in TN) can one work in any type of ER (rural or urban), and if so how much would one get paid approximately.

    2) As a BC FP with 1 year fellowship in Rural Med. can one actually have EGD, Colonoscopy, and C-section previlages. If so how much would he/she make annualy (net).
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    I think the fellowships are great if you: 1) attend to practice FP in an underserved area where you will have gross autonomy, 2) just want the extra experience, skills, and procedures behind you or 3) will practice in an area that still relies heavily on FP's to cover ER's, etc.

    Now they are in no way intended to bridge you to Emergency Medicine. You will never be a solo ER doc in a level 1 or 2 trauma center, but you may very well be able to moonlight or contract work full time for that matter in a level 2 as an additional independent er doc. There are still lots of ER's around the nation that heavily depend on FP's with ER experience (hence the fellowship or several yrs of grandfathered ER doc experience) to cover the needs of that emergency department. Not all ER's are trauma centers! The posts Ive seen for ER doc jobs that allow primary care docs stress that they must be ATLS/PALS/ACLS certified with atleast 3 yrs of er experience.

    I think if you are interested in urgent care it can be advantagous, but not necessary. Dont forget that there are life support courses like Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), Pediatric Adv Life Support (PALS), Adv Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) which prepare you to handle very acute life and death situations and allow you to stabilize a pt for later transport to a tertiary center. You dont have to do a fellowship in er to take advantage of these courses that adequately prepare you for emergency stabilization. ATLS will teach you advanced airways, chest tubes, emergency pericardiocentesis, acute fracture stablization, etc. etc.

    As far as the $$$...dont expect to earn more. Most ER's pay per hour as an independent contractor status anywhere from $60-125$/hr. Most ER jobs this day in age are for residency trained emergency medicine docs. But, dont expect these people to go to small rural er's and work for $65/hr. Hence this is why FP's will continue to staff these small hosp er's more commonly 2nd and 3rd yr residents from fp programs close or near to these small hospitals. There is a predicted EM (residency trained) doc shortage for atleast the next 12-15 yrs. Its a fairly new specialty.

    Hope this helps!

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