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FREE Columbia Review MCAT Book, Netter T-shirt

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by Jim Henderson, Nov 10, 1999.

  1. Jim Henderson

    10+ Year Member

    Aug 22, 1999
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    Medicalstudent.net announces monthly sweepstakes.

    November 1999.
    Premeds: Win a Columbia Review MCAT Book ($43.95 Value).
    Medical students: Frank Netter Anatomy T-shirt with vertebrae on back.

    Anyone who applies for the No Annual Fee / No Application Fee Credit Card in November will be given 5 virtual entry tickets

    Anyone who buys any book from Medicalstudent.net in November will be given 2 entry tickets per book.

    After application or purchase, please e-mail your information to [email protected]

    1. Please include your e-mail address.
    2. Please indicate whether you want your ticket to be entered in the MCAT BOOK or Netter Anatomy T-Shirt raffle.

    send info to [email protected]

    Winners will be notified by e-mail in December and announced on the Student Doctor Network Bulletin Board and Medicalstudent.net

    no purchase necessary, please e-mail to the above address for details.
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