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Apr 1, 2007
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Has anyone taken the free practice test 3 on Since it was free, I thought I would use it as a diagnostic before I start mcat prep. I was wondering how indicative/useful it is as a diagnostic. Thanks for the help.


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Oct 17, 2007
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Medical Student is the official AAMC practice test website. All of the practice tests that they have for sale are old, actual MCAT exams that were administered to previous pre medical students. The numbers 3 - 10 go in chronological order, thus 3 is the oldest and 10 is the newest. Number 3 is a good diagnostic exam to take. As you move forward in your MCAT preparation you'll end up purchasing all of the exams on Emcat. They are the best indicators of how well you are progressing.

Also, this topic is a frequently discussed topic in the MCAT. To save yourself time and energy, use the search and advanced search function at the top right of the forum window. This will help you to answer all of the frequently answered questions that you might have.
Good luck, and welcome!