Free Radiology Clinical Decision Support Tool/How, What, and Why to Order Advanced Imaging

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Rads Consult

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Oct 7, 2018
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www.radsconsult.com is the only medical resource of its kind that is both comprehensive and free. Nearly every physician orders imaging routinely during the care of their patients however there is no formal training in how, what or why to order an exam. Many physicians and students don't even realize the full breadth of diagnostic imaging and radiology procedures available to them.

There are multiple ways to search the site - by Symptom or Diagnosis, by Exam Type, or by just typing in a radiology-related question into the Most Common Radiology Questions & Answers page. It will tell you exactly what type of imaging is recommended for that symptom or diagnosis (With or Without IV and Oral Contrast) and guide you through the best imaging progression for cost-effective and meaningful radiology. It also contains all of the common indications for every type of radiology exam and procedure. And lastly, it has a growing Q&A page full of the most common radiology-related questions and answers. If you don’t see your question listed there or need clarification on an answer, you can submit a comment and the Q&A will be uploaded to the site as soon as possible.

Rads Consult was created to be the most accessible and comprehensive radiology-specific clinical decision support tool for medical professionals. Again, it is 100% free to use and aimed at reducing medical waste and patient risk in the form of unnecessary imaging, estimated at over 150 million dollars a year. There are no advertisements on the site and there are no plans to monetize this application.

Feel free to message us here or through the website. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.