Free Step 1 resource (videos, notes, and practice questions) from a 260 scorer

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Jul 4, 2012
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Hi everybody,
I created a free resource for Step 1 preparation complete with videos, notes, and practice questions.
Videos can be found in youtube if you search "step 1 simplified."
For videos, notes, and practice questions, please check out the website Step 1 Simplified and sign up to access for free.
Hope it can be helpful for you.

Why use this over first aid/pathoma?
1. Its free
2. Integration of physiology and pathology. I think its an improvement in some ways over first aid, which sometimes is too little information and doesn't explain the why of things.
3. additional simple illustrations
4. Integration of practice problems to help reinforce knowledge

Additional thoughts on why to use this resource are on the website.

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