Jan 5, 2014
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Bonjour everyone,

I am a british student with NZ citizenship, 19 and have just finished Highschool in FRANCE ( 14.2 in french baccalaureat). My dream is to study dentistry in Australia however i think its a bit too late to start amongst this year's program ( since australia's term begins in february)
But i need to find another way, i would like to know if i am valid for the requirements and how many places there are?
Any help would reaaalllyy avoid me losing motivation and hope
Feb 24, 2014
At a library...
Pre-Dental, Other Health Professions Student

I'm a New Zealand student but I've done quite a bit of research on Australian dental schools. The number of spots vary depending on which undergrad university you apply to. Typically it'll be around 40-60 spots.

I'm familiar with what the Bac/French baccaluereat is but I'm not sure about the scoring. However, I do know that to be considered for undergrad Australian dental schools, you have to have a good UMAT score (google that, it's ACER UMAT) which is kind of like a psychometric test. Then once you've gotten a decent score for that, and combined with your Bac score), you'll be offered an interview and then you wait for an offer. I'd suggest applying this year for the 2015 intake since you've missed the 2014 application cycle. Don't forget to register for the UMAT though!!

Don't lose hope and motivation! :) It's also my ultimate dream/goal to study Dentistry as well and I'll be applying for the 2016 intake!