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Dec 24, 2016
Hello my fellow SDN
back in 2012 I was a chem major and nutrition major...
In spring 2012 I was put on academic probation for the 2nd time, first time was my freshman semester( new to college fast pace...) During summer 2012 I took a test at my school advising testing center and it stated that I had some type of left hemisphere disability, which I feel bad for having what I knew I had was comprehension issues and focus problems and anxiety. So I was giving special accommodation like note taker an extended test time. But it was too late, I was a Jr. taking PChem, cal2 and analytical chem 1 got 3 quick F's.
I got kicked out of college in fall 2012 with a 1.6 GPA my dean said my only option is to do fresh restart, which consist of a 3 year wait and my D and F will be wipe off and whichever GPA I get back will be my current. During my time off I worked as an EMT and CNA and little did I know I started to become more wiser, my comprehension skills increase things that was hard to understand clicked fast. Got back into school spring 2016 and mess up a little, I got into car accident first week and miss a lot of class had to drop biochem... got a 2.09 very happy i finally pass multiple science classes.
fall 2016 got 2.5 /overall 2.26
spring 2017 got 3.09/overall 2.6
summer 2017 3.42/ overall 2.75
i drop my 2nd major and turn it into minor
I am planing to graduate fall 2018 I want to get into med school but scared do not know if i even have a chance because of my past failure.
Currently taking fall 2017 off to work I now have to pay for school out of pocket, which is another new reason each semester could not be higher.

I have a very important question about my chances of med school and how AMMC records grades, would they consider my fresh restart new grades + my good old grades or will they look at the whole college career.


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Sep 28, 2015
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It would take years of classes to repair your GPA and you haven't been out of school long enough to even consider academic fresh start in somewhere like TX. If you could get the school to give you a retroactive withdrawal for your condition you might be able to get rid of some of those old grades but honestly something like that is a bit of a shot in the dark.
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