friends from med school

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Mar 11, 2009
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How many of you are still in close contact with your friends from medical school? Do you even talk to them anymore?

I am a first year medical student and I'm having a difficult time making friends with my classmates. So much so that it's stressing me out. If most residents don't end up keeping contact with most of their med school friends, it might make me feel a little better...thanks.


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    I still talk to a couple good friends from med school regularly, and we are all attendings now. We get together from time to time despite living several hours away from one another.

    You're still a first year. Give it time. You are likely not the only one in your class who feels this way. Things will get better as everyone gets used to being a med student and loosen up a bit and start to "branch out" to meet others.
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