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May 17, 2010
    Hello everyone,

    I am from Canada and I just finished my second year) and the schools that I want to apply to seem to be accepting students with high GPA's (majority seem to be 3.8+). I have a 3.5 GPA and I am hoping I can get an adcoms opinion on my EC's. I am not trolling here and I understand they are good. My question is: Will they make up for my GPA?

    Medically Related EC's:
    - International Volunteering (2 months @ 237 hours) – Took care and accompanied an adolescent who was paralyzed in the war against Israel in the middle east (innocent bystander)).

    - Volunteering in the Emergency Department as a Team Leader (~1.5 years @ ~200 hours (3 hours a week) - As a team leader it was my responsibility to train new volunteers who were going to be volunteering in the emergency department. When I was not training, I would be volunteering myself in the department.

    Non-Medically Related EC's:
    - Big Brothers Big Sisters School Mentoring Program (8 months @ 25 hours (1 hour a week))

    - High School Mathematics & Calculus Tutoring (2 years @ 200 hours (2 hours a week)) - Tutored high school students all across my province in high school mathematics and introductory calculus in an online manner. (This is a form of employment)

    General Chemistry & Physics Tutor (3 semesters @ 38 hours) - Privately tutored students in introductory college physics and chemistry.

    - Founder & Webmaster of student association website; one of the executive of the student association (1 year @ 40 hours).

    - International Volunteering (2 months @ 256 hours (4 days a week @ 8 hours a day)) - Tutoring ESL, basic mathematics, basics of using a computer (e.g. word, powerpoint), anti-bullying seminar).

    Computer Technician (7 years @ 984 hours (4 hours a week) - My father works a computer technician and I help out by fixing computers, removing malware, installing software or antivirus, etc. It makes the job go faster so we can see more people in a day since my family is on a single income. I have been doing it since I was 15 (I have never been paid for this activity as its basically my way providing my fair share).

    Presented a research poster at a small conference at my university.

    Thursday Night Soccer/Basketball (on and off for the past 12 years)

    Working Out/Swimming/Jogging

    Two-Time International Championship Winner in an Online First Person Shooter (won two iPod nano's – cheap bastards, lol)(been playing for 4 years).

    Pencil Sketching

    Future EC's:
    I was just elected to the senate budget committee at my university (student government).

    Thank you for your time,
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