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Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by NYSLicense, Jul 17, 2006.

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    How do PGY-3 family medicine residents go about the job hunt? :scared:
    Do recruiters scout residency programs as July get closer every year?

    A friend of mine just graduated his Colorado FP residency and was offered a great job in a neighboring state PLUS $80,000 in student loan repayment.

    How do you residents find out about these job offers that offer student loan repayment?

    Also, I have heard about the government paying for medical school, or repyaing meical school loans if one promises to go into primary care? Is this true or urban legend?

    Thanks and sorry for the bombardment of Questions.

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    It totally depends on the resident. Having some idea of where you want to practice geographically helps. For example, I knew that I wanted to stay local, so that made it relatively easy for me.

    Most of the state chapters of the AAFP offer recruiting assistance, like Virginia: . The AAFP also has a "Careers" section on its web site, with job postings:

    Generally, we start recruiting PGY-3s in the Fall. Most people don't wait until they graduate to start looking for a job.

    Sure, you can apply for a scholarship through the National Health Service Corps. See link: . You have to work in an underserved area for several years, and you don't necessarily get to choose where you go.

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