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From Rags to MD ( one day?)

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by ragstoMD, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. ragstoMD

    ragstoMD By myself, I are failure
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    Jan 3, 2009
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    * This post is not for the highly accomplished student with a great (or inherited) foundation in excellence and success.

    Feel free to laugh , cry, offer encouragement or advice.. then post your own stories of perseverance!

    I'm new to SDN so here is..

    My History:

    '03 -Ultimate failure in high school ( No science classes, but I did play some serious football)
    '04 - Somehow got into Texas A&M
    0'4-'05- 3.09 sci. GPA
    '05-'06- 1.93 sci. GPA (hello physics)
    '06-'07 - 2.89 sci. GPA (hello physics.. again)
    1st MCAT "24 Q": 10v, 6P, 8 B (9/2007)

    decided to apply with 2.74 cum gpa

    - recruited and then applied to:
    Midwestern Masters - waitlisted/rejected

    - applied to:
    Tulane Molecular Cell program-waitlisted/rejected
    U.Cinn SMP- rejected (thank you 100$ app. fee)
    Texas A&M biomed science program (backup) - rejected
    Texas A&M MPH program (backup,backup)- rejected
    NYMC post bacc. - incomplete ( i saved the best result for last)

    '08- reevaluated life goals..
    '07-'09- 3.82 sci. gpa
    2nd MCAT "25P" : 8v,8P, 9 B (7/2008)
    graduating with cum. gpa ~3.0 cum , 2.84 sci (95+ hours of science)

    Why the "Rags"? parents haven't had stable jobs for 7 years, I worked 2 jobs in H.S. and Texas government paid for 90 % of my college tuition.
    Why MD? I want to be a doctor that helps the impoverished one day like how my doctor helped my family.

    So if ya'll are feeling me, at least at my level, or if you feel like you are even worse than me( God bless you) than, follow me to glorious success one day : D (fingers crossed)

    Plans for '09
    searching for a post-bacc, SMP, any formal program.. because Texas won't have me as there are no post bacc programs for MD.

    apply to Georgetown GEMS ( 1st option)
    apply to UCONN program B
    apply to Wake Forest (for disadvantaged)
    apply to North Texas (TCOM)- SMP (backup)

    Any comments? Advice? What's your plans for 2009! Come join this thread!
  2. yaah

    yaah Boring
    Administrator Physician 15+ Year Member

    Aug 15, 2003
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    Attending Physician
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