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Oct 15, 2000
hello, i'm a little frustrated with the physical sciences part......this is what i usually consider to be my strongest part..on my diag i scored a 11 and my first kaplan full length also scored an 11 cause i did not have time to finish and ended up guessing on the last 16 it was no suprise that i missed 10 of those last was two passages and four discretes that were left....i went back and counted 30 calculations on that test....what can i do to get faster?..any suggestions? i'm just not sure if i can do 30 complex calculations and finish the did you all do it?.....i would ideally like to get a 13 on the real thing...........and also, of how much value can i take the scores for the kaplan tests?.......i mean i was decently satisified with my first full length, (9,11,13)....should i expect a lot of improvement?....i was only aiming for about a 33-34 for the real mcat...i was suprised to get that on a full length without having reviewed all the material yet.......what do you all think?......

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May 23, 2002
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Keep practicing. Work on time. You will not have nearly as much calculation on the real thing. I predict that you will score mid to high 30s.


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Jun 12, 2002
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hey nero -

i found the kaplan tests to have many many more calculations than were on the actual MCAT, but my scores on the last few kaplan tests predicted my actual score almost on the money.

actually, i was so used to the difficulty of the kaplan tests that after the actual MCAT i thought i had aced it. of course that didn't happen :)

and the kaplan diagnostic is a complete joke - it is designed to scare the **** out of you, probably for two reasons: 1) you take the kaplan course and 2) you study harder. i scored a 16 on my diagnostic and a 31 on the first full length.

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