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Nov 27, 2000
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I am in need of some advice. I am having some serious problems finding a DO to shadow in my area. There are currently 3 DO's practicing privately, and three or so at a local hospital where I live. As you can see, DO's are pretty scarce here. I have already talked with one who was not interested. I called another's office (just to possibly set up an apointment) and was never called back. Can anyone give me a few suggestions about approaching DO's, sending out letters, etc... Thanks for any help.


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Nov 18, 1998
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Don't give up. When I found the DOs I shadowed before coming to medical school I initially wrote them a letter and then called back to follow up. It took a one or two calls to get through to actually speak with the doctors. (Bye the way I already knew them and had worked with them for a month when they were still in their residency) They said the reason they hadn't gotten back with me was because the hadn't gotten aproval from their office manager (they worked for an HMO type company) to have students work with them. I was the first student ever to come work with them.

It was a great experience. Since then they have gone on to become preceptors taking medical students on a regular basis.

What I am trying to say is keep trying it is worth the work. If you can't find a DO to shadow hook up with an MD and shadow them. It can still be a great learning experience and maybe later the MD could hook you up with a DO.

I think another think to consider is contacting a DO school you are interested in going to. For example I think here at KCOM the admissions office works to hook prospective students up with KCOM Alumni in their area.

Good Luck

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