Jun 8, 2009
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I'm looking to sell my Kaplan course materials. It's the whole shabang. You get everything seen in that picture. That's all 3 Kaplan course books with the flashcards + the retail kaplan book + a calculus for dummies book. There is practically no writing in any of these. I wrote in the lesson book maybe twice, I never actually went to the Kaplan class so I never really used the lesson book hah. I bought the calculus for dummies book incase I had to take the PCAT again.

But, most importantly, you get the online access when you buy this package! You will have access to all of the Kaplan online stuff until August 22nd! This has tons of practice tests and has the online lessons and quizes, this was the thing about kaplan I liked, LOTS OF practice materials. Even if you don't plan on taking the August 22nd PCAT, you can print out all of their practice tests to use later (way easier to do practice tests on paper than looking at the computer, and that's good preparation for the real thing on paper!).

I took the June 20th test and this is what I used to study pretty much. And it worked, 93% composite.

Looking for $200 shipped. Accepting PayPal or MO as payment. I will ship via USPS with tracking and signature verification. When I receive payment I will email you the login information for the online portion.
If you happen to go to UH Main Campus we can arrange to meet there instead of shipping.

Science Girl

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May 28, 2009
are they still available for purchasing ?!