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Full SN2ed set TBR, TPRH Verbal, EK


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Apr 4, 2013
  1. Pre-Medical
    I am looking to sell as a whole set. If this does not work out I would be willing to separate into smaller sets (TBR as a set, Exam krackers as a set) If you are interested send me a message with an offer plus your zip code so I can give you an estimate of what shipping will cost.

    The Berkeley Review books are in great shape. There are some markings done by previous owner (underlining with pencil and some highlighting) the highlighting is only a few times and the pencil marks are every so often and are not a big distraction , they can easily be erased. An example of the pencil markings can be seen in the last picture. The passages are not marked in.
    The copyright of the set is 2012 except for the Biology books are 2011.

    The Exam Krackers are in great shape without markings in them.
    MCAT Biology 7th Edition Copyright 2007
    EK 1001 Chemistry Copyright 2005
    EK 1001 Biology Copyright 2006
    EK 1001 Physics Copyright 2003
    EK 1001 O. Chem Copyright 2006
    EK 101 Verbal Reasoning Copyright 2002

    The Princeton Review Hyperlearning Verbal 2012 edition is in great shape and I did not notice any markings in it.

    I also have AAMC The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam Third Edition

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