Full year credit in coursework AADSAS

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Oct 8, 2010
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Our school has three semester (fall, winter, summer)

I have full year credit which spans both fall and winter semester.

So in my official transcript, for these courses, it says

weight: 1 (=6 in AADSAS)
grade: in progress

for the fall semester, and for winter semester when it was actually ended,

grade: A

So.....AADSAS told me to put these courses under both semester and put NG under the first semester....BUT they are giving me mixed answer on the weight..........

Do I put 3 under each semester? or 6 and 6?
If I put 3 and 3, the grade I received on that course would end up being calculated as a 3hr course......which doesn't seem right..
but if I put 6 and 6.........that would mean I have total of 12 weights for that course...wouldn't it?

I am so confused..........does anyone have similar experience, or solution to this?

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Based on last cycle, put 3 hours and 3 hours for the full year course but you still indicate the same grade under each semester; in this way, the course is still 6 semester hours and would not change the weight of the calculated grade. Hope that made sense.