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Dec 12, 2001
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Alright my fellow dental colleaques, I need your ideas!

Before I pop the big question, I just want you guys to know that I'm now our class president for my class at Nova! :clap: I won the election of 4 candidates this past Monday! I couldn't believe it and I'm honored for their trust and confidence in my ability to do well for this position.

As the new class prez, I'm trying to gather ideas for fund raising ideas/activities/events?! Any ideas or experience that you all would like to share that my class can do as a class? Thanks!



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Mar 19, 2002
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Hi Andy,

This board isn't quite as active as the Predental board is it? Anyway, congratulations on being elected president. That's awesome! I don't really have any ideas for you. Maybe you could do a kissing booth and depending on the prospects volunteer yourself to work it.

Take care.

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Oct 18, 2001
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Hi the new Prez,:clap:

I'm so happy for you. It has been a long way for both u and me. Here at SF, it has been extremely wonderful, plus lots of stress. But our class has been doing a few things for community like:

Volunteer to pack food at homeless shelter at one evening.
We plan to do food drive in November and bring it to the food bank before thanksgiving.
Tutoring highschool kids in underserved areas of the San Francisco unified school district.

Fund rising is a great idea. I plan on doing it too. But we haven't figured out a way yet. If you guys have any idea, please post and share it with me.
It's great to hear from u, and congrats
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Jan 29, 2002
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We have done a few fundraising things this year. We had a bake sale and a car wash. We raised about 500 dollers from both. We are also having a raffle. We have gone around the community asking different merchants to donate things. Such as electronic stores, restaurants etc. Not sure how the raffle works, but something like a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize depending on the amount of items we get. Then sell the tickets for a dollar or two. Everyone has to sell a certain amount of tickets. And classmembers can't win. Hope that helps.


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Oct 15, 2002
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In my experience, T-shirts are the best fundraisers. They're simple to get and if you design them well, are great to sell at tailgates/CE meetings to alumni or as gifts to friends/families of students. (now would be a good time to get orders for christmas/holiday gifts!)

My class did a 'class of 2004' shirt--complete with the 'top 10 things overheard' list (#5-"Of course, we ALWAYS do casts and a facebow transfer for patients who need only one amalgam," etc)

My dental fraternity and ASDA also mave done some more generic shirts (this year's is 'WVU School of Dentistry--Creating smiles since 1957) that sell incredibly well.

Call a sorority.fraternity at your local university to find out where they get shirts made for all their events, and you'll be set. Here, the average cost per shirt is around $7 ($8 for long sleeve) and we sell them for $15 or $20 apiece. Any city that supports a large university will have a local t-shirt company, and it's a great way to make money without a lot of time and effort.

Good luck with your fundraising!
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