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funny admission contrast


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Jan 4, 2004
    why is it some people getting accepted in 5 or 6 places while others not getting into any school though if you compare their scores you won't find big difference, high 80s and low 90s..
    I dont mean any offense to anybody, its just these crazy schools making it very hard especially those accepting very limited number of students..i was wondering why we dont unite and try supporting a law which provides more places and chances for foreign trained dentists..do we have to pay a lot of years of our life to wait for acceptance if we got 85 for example ..or if our gpa is not above 3.5..
    i think we should do something about that as long as all the states now require two year program for foreign dentists

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    Apr 18, 2003
      Originally posted by gsmm
      i am sorry but i didnt understand a single word from what you said meggs..who is sam ?
      i know now my english is poor

      I'm sorry gsmm. I didn't mean to confuse you. I guess what I was trying to say is that as foreigners we have very little rights to fight for, you know. We don't provide the US with a lot of benefits, at the contrary, we're inmigrants and thus seen as a load to the country. So no way, they are going to listen to our word. Just look at the CA bench test thing, all the struggle they have gone trough, it's awful.

      Plus, the more easy they make it for us, the more competition they'll be creating for their own graduates. So, we have many factors agaisnt us.

      Remember most of us are inmigrants, if you have a problem with this country dental practice policies, all they could tell you is "go home and practice there". And whether we like or not, it does makes sense.

      So just, keep trying until you get into some program, or try one of the so called "shorcuts".

      Uncle Sam means the US goverment, in this case the IRS.

      ......if you compare their scores you won't find big difference, high 80s and low 90s..
      I agree, but that's basically the only standard measurement they have to comparte ones against others. so......


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      Dec 30, 2003
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        Ya Meggs so true..
        The international students do create more competition for the american students not only in dentistry but in other fields too by competing for the same job.
        By law the universities have to have some percentage of foreign students ,so the most that they can do is to make the admission procedure complicated and tough.
        All we can do is try to do our best and then Hope for the best..:)
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