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In response to the message. I have alot of friend are millionare as a doctor.
and some about to declared bankrupcy and alchoholic, drug abuse,. The question is why and it is up to you really to choose the path. For sure, any graduate dentist can prepared a crown. But why there is such discrepency in their success.

The answear is all about attidude and good will. I recommed that if you about to graduate . You should consider class in management, marketing, your style of clothing, your office design. and mmany other factor.

I have a friend right now that making million by himself. He was the worst in class. I use to call him horse doctor. His denture was so ugly that I think it was make for animal. But right now he so successful, the secret is very simple.

You can answear that you yourself actually. For example, during the clinical hour and you have to get a starting check and finish check , who you usually go to.

Don't worry about the field of dentistry, it growing so fast. If you don't believe me then check some of the dental company supply stock.

I think you should visit the *link removed by DrMom* They have a lot of example of pretty model clinic that hopefully you can copy the style. Style of success. The site contain design from *link removed by DrMom* So pretty.

I recommend in the fourth year, go working with so doctor and see the really reality and comparision their practice and mangement so that you can coppy from the bros and susscess not from a looser.

Normal dentist bring home atleast 200 thousand dollar and if you work for someone else you take home 80 while they keep your 120 thousand. It a 35-65 deal.

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Feb 28, 2003
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Is that a high school biology picture at the bottom of the page??? *link removed by DrMom*

Who are you trying to impress???


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Jan 10, 2004
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beware of this guy because he was trying hardly to promote this website about a product of unknown companyin a very cheap and naive way,dont go there and dont write your credit card number(dangerous).


HI, I'm a national representative for the Scripts-Howard national spelling bee, and I would like to present this year's distinguished speller award to...Toydens! Congratulations on another outstanding performance. We will also be looking for your entry form in the "perfect english" category.
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