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Jan 12, 2010
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With the constant turf battles between interventional cards, vascular, and now the interventional neuro guys, where do you see the field of IR moving toward?

More minimally invasive oncologic techniques, etc?

Will there ever be a niche carved out for IR much like interventional cards?

How much is this an actual problem when it comes to the work?
Oct 3, 2010
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As a practicing interventionaist, I do mostly a mixture of vascular and oncology. Many people will compete for procedures Look at spine procedures done by ortho, neursourgery, pm and r, pain anesthesia, MSK IR, Neuro IR, and IR.

So, in a similar way many physicians are going to be involved in vascular care. Including vascular surgery, vascular medicine, IR and cardiology.

The key to any of this is that the IR must be an expert on the disease and be comfortable with evaluation and management and various treatments of the different conditions they treat. The IR must have a clinic and a busy office based practice and include admitting privileges. This is occurring more and more commonly in privae practices.

Check out . Prety cool website with a robust practice begun by 2 IR people who also do neuro-IR. Now that practice encompasses multiple hospitals with a slew of ancillary staff and they have hired many more physicians including vascular surgeons into the practice.
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