gaining residency in US after graduating from a Canadian med school


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Oct 30, 2004
Hi guys. I'm in the process of applying to medical schools right now (undergraduate). I'm from Canada and I'm about to apply to both Canadian and American medical schools. I haven't decided yet where I want to end up living permanently (I have ties to both countries), so I'm wondering if it is possible to gain a residency spot in the states after graduating from a Canadian undergrad. medical school, as people have been telling me that it's fairly difficult to do so vice versa (gain residency in Canada after graduating from an American school). If anyone is in the same boat as I am or know someone who is, please help me out.

I know that the new NAFTA agreement has made it easier for resident physicians to cross the border in terms of visa issues.
I also know that licensing exams are different in Canada and in the States (LMCC vs. USMLE)

Thanks in advance.
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