Aug 14, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy

I am considering to attend Gannon University in Erie, PA for a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

I'm just curious if anyone has been in this program or is currently in this program at Gannon. What were your thoughts on the program? Was Gannon's DPT program beneficial, or do you feel that you would have been better off attending a different DPT program?

Also, I haven't heard the greatest things about Erie, PA. I have heard that there are often robberies and some recent shootings. How do you feel about your safety in the area? What would be the best place for me to live as a graduate student? Close to campus, or to commute and park in a parking garage?

Thank you!!!
Nov 28, 2012
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
I have met a few students from the program and they all said they thought it was adequate, but would rather forget about the cost of tuition and student loan debt they will be in following completion of the program. If you come from wealth or are okay with graduating with about $140k in loans from graduate school alone, then go for it. If this is an issue, my advice would be to always aim for a public university.