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Mar 17, 2021
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I currently have a job offer for a clinical job. It's always been my dream to work in the practice's specialty (though I know most people change what medical specialty they want to pursue in med school). At the same time I am interviewing for a Clinical Research position at a highly renowned institution. However, I won't know if I get that role before the other offer expires. I think research is probably the better strategic decision for getting into med school though maybe having more clinical experience would be better. I became premed halfway through undergrad aka last year right before covid and have not had the chance to do medical research because of that. Here are my current ECs in terms of clinical and research:

150 hrs clinical volunteering
250 hrs research assistant for an anthropology professor but this was really just transcribing her interviews for a book that will be published but I don't think I would get any recognition in that book
140 hrs public health research intern, nothing published, mainly lit reviews/making public resources based off already done research

Should I wait it out and try to get a research position for a better chance to get into med school?

Thank you!