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Gap year job for econ grad w/post bacc pre med??

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by dbcooper23, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. dbcooper23


    Oct 22, 2010
    Any idea where I can work during my gap year?

    I feel like it is difficult for post baccs because we lack the strong science background needed for research.

    Ideally, I'm looking for a job in the $60k/year ballpark so I can pay off loans, but I don't think that is realistic. That's what I was making in the business world.

    I have had no luck finding a science teaching job because I don't have teaching certification. What can I do with my economics degree??
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  3. Your story sounds familiar... I'm also an econ major, also a post bacc, also in a gap year, and also needed to pay off loans.

    To get a good job for one year, you're going to have to hide the med school thing, and pretend to be starting a career. Most high paying positions have a good amount of on-the-job training, and companies don't want to spend 3 months training someone to work 9. I decieved my way into a project manager offer, but then turned it down for a (very) low paying research position (less than half).

    I did this simply because my goal was to get into med school, and I'm not going to let a short term monetary decision jeopardize my long term goals.

    Ideally, you could get a job that combines medicine (to be relevant on your application) and economics (to pay well and maximize your skills). Biomedical Consultant? Health Care Equity Analyst? Problem is, you'll still have to lie about the med school thing to any potential employer. Research isn't difficult to find. Plus it's very interesting and you work consistent hours, it just doesn't pay very well. I guess it depends on how badly you need the paycheck.

    Good luck.
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