Medical Gap year position got moved to hospital service because of COVID, but have severe asthma. Do I have to do this?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I currently work as an MA in an internal med clinic and work has been slow so I am getting moved to the hospital to work as a PCA on the floor. I am a bit surprised by this decision as I ultimately I do not have much say in where I work currently at the moment because I am "owned" by the hospital. I brought up the fact that I still live at home still (in a gap year) and am worried that I will be putting my family at higher risk because of this new transition. My manager didn't care much and said: "This is the time where we are called to serve." Is this worth the risk to myself and my family for only getting paid 12 bucks an hour? I have severe asthma so I am more at risk. Should I get paid hazard pay?

I am a reapplicant this year and I do not want medical schools to think I am a wimp or am shying away from patient contact so I am hesitant to quit. I really need this on my application for the experience and to show adcoms that I am committed to medicine but I am wondering what all of your feedback would be for this predicament.
I will agree that you should make sure the appropriate safety safeguards given CDC recommendations and hospital recommendations are clear and address your concerns. I'm guessing that you would need to disclose yourself as potentially high-risk for your own health reasons. I don't think the hospitals are getting any additional money yet to ask for hazard pay... they'll offer it if they have it. Your chief concern is the transition to working in the hospital and making sure every safety precaution is being taken. Everyone knows the situation with PPE is not ideal, but the health system is trying to brace for a real crisis. But you are a low person on the totem pole, so I would be sure my work environment is safe and that I am taught how to prevent carrying work with you when you go home.

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