Apr 25, 2012

As a recent graduate with a predominant biology/biological research background, I'm hoping to seek more business-oriented, healthcare administration, healthcare startup experiences prior to applying for a dual degree program (MD, MBA). I'm not quite sure where to start looking, especially since I have next to no business experience and coursework. However, I am quite determined to do whatever it takes to at least get my feet wet, so I could appreciate any suggestions/feedback. Thanks!


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Jan 19, 2011
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Hey CK1123!

First of all good luck to you. My 2 cents would be to start by looking for positions that you are qualified for that are marginally relevant to business and then work your way into the business setting. For example, if you've worked at a hospital for a while, you could try to work at the same hospital but in their quality assurance or finance or admin side. If you've done research with a healthcare start up doing research, then try to get in on the business side. If you give me some more detail I could try and give you some clearer advice...

Beware of trying to go through the formal recruiting process for banks, consulting shops, etc... because they usually do that for students and the timeline probably won't work out with your schedule given that you only have a year off. However, they're a bunch of opportunities you could look at on the MD MBA Association's site: http://www.mdmbas.com/ForMDMBACandidates/LeadershipOpportunities/