Geisinger or WVU

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Sep 22, 2020
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Hey all, I was wondering what your insights were on choosing between these two schools. Thank you so much in advance.

Geisinger Commonwealth
  • Closer to family and friends
  • P/F preclinical
  • More familiar with the area
  • New medical school building
  • Match for competitive specialities 2016-2020
  • Administration seems to care a lot about their students
  • Not well known outside of northeast Pennsylvania
  • Newer school
  • Scranton
  • Ranked in thirds for MSPE purposes
  • Need to move from pre-clinical campus for rotations 3 and 4 year

  • US News Ranked
  • More established hospital system (?)
  • Big ass new children’s hospital opening in 2021 and better hospital resources
  • Good for wellness hiking, running
  • Most likely can stay in same spot all four years
  • Match for competitive specialities 2016-2020
  • College town feel
  • WV is red
  • Top 15% honors pre clinical
  • Ranked in quartiles in third year
  • not as much family or friends close to the area
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limeyguydr incognito
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May 16, 2018
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WVU. I interviewed at both last year and Geisinger's 3rd year curriculum is just straight wonky. WVU told us last year that they're changing they're preclinical curriculum to 18 mo. which is a pro. They have a great sim center and their campus is really pretty. I think they're getting rid of H/P/F as well
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