Geisinger(GCSOM) vs. University of Maryland / Penn State

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Apr 21, 2024
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So I am grateful to have been accepted to 3 great medical school programs. However, I am also struggling to choose which school I should commit to, partly because of the delay with the FAFSA financial aid process. These are my 3 choices:

  1. Geisinger Commonwealth SOM - Abigail Geisinger Scholar - Pros are that I will attend the school tuition free+2k monthly stipend, and I find myself really aligned with the school's mission of community medicine. The cons are that I have to return to Geisinger to work for them for 4 years after residency and they aren't as reputable, established, or can strongly channel students to Massachusetts (which is where I kind of thinking of living after med school). Plus having been living in big cities like NYC and Boston, I am uncertain I will enjoy my time in Scranton, especially during the 4 years I am working there after residency. I will also not be able to do a fellowship after residency.
  2. Penn State School of Medicine
  3. University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMB)

I think both Penn State and the University of Maryland are great choices. If I'm choosing between those two I think it will just be based on which one is cheaper to go to. Maryland has extended their deadline for PTE to May 31st, so I can make the decision btw Penn State and Maryland after April 30th.

I am kind of hesitant to commit myself to Geisinger because the overall time is so long, and I am not sure if I will want to extend my roots/ start a family in NEPA. Nevertheless, the financial stuff can help out my family. We are first-gen immigrants, both of my parents work low-income jobs with long hours days, and I just wish they could buy a house of their own. Which it seems will be less likely to happen if I go to Penn State or UMB without knowing the award packet from each school.

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