Gen Surg Clinical Elective: Which of the following 3 hospitals are the best?


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Oct 24, 2008
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I'm currenly a 4th year IMG in Ireland. I'll be applying for a clinical elective in Gen Surg in the comming summer of 2009. My school has affiliations with a few hospitals but we're only able to choose 3 from.

Which of the following 3 hospitals do you think I'll benefit most from in regards to learning experience and also getting a residency program in the states when I graduate!

1. John Hopkins
2. University of Pennsylvania
3. Columbia University
4. Mayo
5. Tufts
6. UMass
7. University of Indianna

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers. :thumbup:

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Apr 9, 2000
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It depends on your goals. You've listed some very high powered programs there.

If your goal is to do a residency at one of those programs, unfortunately, your best chances will be at the ones lower on your list (ie, Indiana, UMass), because outside of nepotism, Penn and Hopkins are not known to be kind to IMGs. They may accept you for a rotation and you might even get a courtesy interview, but I'd estimate the chances of you matching there are slim.

If your goal is to make connections which can help you, then I'd go for the more high powered programs. Even the little guys there generally wield some power in getting a letter from them.
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