General Psychiatrist or Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist in San Jose, CA

Nov 23, 2020
Hi! I feel like I have exhausted many different psychiatry job boards (Indeed, Practice Match/Practice Link/Doc Cafe, etc)in my search for general and c&a psychiatrists in San Jose area. I came here to ask if you're looking for a job, where would you look to find one? How will you go about looking for a job?
If you a finishing your residency in 2021 or c&a fellowship in 2021 and are considering San Jose, CA area for a job please let know. We have inpatient M-F or weekend positions for general psychiatrist or c&a. This is an onsite position, either hourly (1099) or full-time with benefits.


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Aug 9, 2012
  1. Attending Physician
I briefly looked at Bay Area positions which seem to be plentiful compared to SoCal options. Seems like pay tends to be pretty average but in areas with the highest median incomes and very high CoL. Seems like a very easy way to feel like a teacher with purchasing power despite being a board certified physician which is likely why these positions are somewhat harder to fill (but still should be doable to attract folks compared to say anywhere in CA that's east of the main metros).
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