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Mar 8, 2008
Hi everyone, I know the general rule for aspiring doctors is: try to go to school where you want to practice. Or else you run into many licensing issues (IMG, etc.)

I think this rule is meant for people who want to practice in the US, Canada, and UK. These schools are generally thought to be the hardest to get admission into.

Well since there is always this reputation of western education being the best, does this situation work the other way around? So if you go to a US medical school, can you pracitice anywhere you want in the world, for example middle eastern countries?

I am sure there are still some technical licensing issues for a US trained student, but I dont want to look up the medical licensing and foreigner rules for each individual country, so thats why I am hoping someone can tell me in a general it as tough to go from IMG (middle east) to US license, as the other way around?