General Surgery and CT fellowships

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Sep 2, 2006
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Just wondering if there are any CT fellows out there, or people planning on going into CT surgery with an opinion on this.

With the way CT surgery is now, and will continue into the future, do you think it is better to do your GS residency at a high powered academic center where you have access to research, top fellowships etc. Or is it better to go to a community hospital with more clinical exposure, autonmy etc. The programs i am ranking towards the top of my list are the complete opposites of each other. I like both of them for different reasons, but it seems strange that two so completely opposite programs would be ranked so closely in my mind.

Since CT surgery jobs are mostly going to be academic, does it make sense to go to a academic program. On the other hand, with fellowships being so non-competitive does it make sense to bother with all the research/academic setting, and rather just hone your surgical skills.

Any serious thoughts appreciated.....the usual CT surgery bashing kept to a minimum please:cool: