Mar 30, 2010
Hi all,

I'm really interested in hearing about some of the practice set-ups, hours worked, call schedules, etc., of general surgeons and the associated surgical subspecialists after residency. Is there anyone that would like to comment who is participating in one of the newer fields like acute care surgery? I think that sometimes the postings here have focused a lot on residency itself, which is obviously important, but that maybe we could use an updated thread about what's there after residency.

Thanks so much.


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Apr 24, 2006
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For some reason, I suspect you'll get answers from people along the lines of "it depends". There are so many variables, including each person, that make it difficult to answer. Maybe I'm wrong, but outside of gross generalizations, that seems to be the recurring theme with these kind of questions.

*Warning. I do not pretend to have any working knowledge of anything except what I have witnessed or read in the past. As such, my opinions are worth slightly less than a pile of dung.