Sep 17, 2017
Medical Student
Hi all, just want a quick opinion on my chances of General surgery.

MS3 at an average US MD school.
Not ranked but i'm probably a little below 50% rank.
Step 1: 225
2 publications
Surgery clerkship: Pass
No red flags

Would like to be in california or west coast. But more importantly i want to be in urban area if california is not possible. What should I be prepared for in order to match successfully in GS?


Eithz H

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Apr 29, 2014
Medical Student
One of the good things about California is that there are a ton of GS programs. However these programs tend to be competitive. But not all GS programs in Cali are the Stanfords, UCLA's, etc. There are some community-based programs that you may have a shot at. It is also important to remember that there are a ton of community-based GS programs in large urban centers (i.e. New York, Chicago, Philly, etc).

It is just important to apply broadly given the step score and clerkship grade. During your interviews try to have a good answer prepared as to the clerkship grade.

We always have a tendency to believe that everyone applying to the residency we are applying to have amazing board scores, AOA, etc. But the reality is there are tons of people who still match into GS with average or below-average stats. It's just about being realistic.
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