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Sep 4, 2003
San Francisco, CA
Originally posted by trunksvegeta
hey guys,
does anyone happen to know the approx number of ppl that end up on the GW alternate list? Also, does anyone have an idea of whether it is ranked and how many they "pull" off it for the entering class? ive seen past threads but they dont seem to answer exactly this info in particular...

from what i've heard about the alternate list, from people that currently attend gw, it has a great deal of movement. they told us at the interview that it's not ranked, but some students have told me that actually it is, i really do not know for sure though. i myself am on the list and am hoping to get off, since gw is my top choice. wish you all the best.


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Dec 3, 2003
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GRRR, they told me 5 weeks from my March interview, and that is WAAAAAAAAAY past. I called yesterday and the admissions office said vaguely that I should expect something soon.

Hope it makes it before the March 15th deadline.

Abbiequeen :mad:
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